Thursday, October 9, 2008

Night Watch and Day Watch

Here are the English-language trailers to the Russian fantasy movies, Night Watch and Day Watch. Basically, the immortal forces of good and the forces of darkness have operated under a centuries-old truce, while the rest of the population remains ignorant of the 'cold war' between these two groups. The symbolism is pretty blatant. The good guys operate as workers for the state power utility company, while the hedonistic bad guys live it up as rich oligarchs / mafiosos.

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Huong said...

I watched this movie just a couple of months after I came here for the first time. My English at that time might not be that good to understand the whole story. However, since I am deeply affected by Cold War, my interpretation of this movie was pretty different: the boy was the symbol of Russia, meanwhile the good guy is socialism and bad guy is capitalism. At the end of the movie, the boy chose the dark side ( being pushed by the good side). That was my first interpretation of that movie, although later on, when I check the website of the movie, I think I pretty got the wrong message. But I still believe that the "good" guy is responsible for the fact that the boy comes to choose the bad guy at the end of the movie. This leads me to the notion of the collapse of USSR and creation of Russia. The new-born Russia chose to follow capitalism as a consequence of a series of unreasonable reforms carried out in late 1980s.