Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Global Media and Vegas?

I just spent the weekend in Las Vegas for a wedding. I was wondering if anyone had a sense of how Vegas was "constructed" in other media around the world? Also, are marketing slogans, like "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" being broadcast in other countries? Vegas is an interesting case, because it relies heavily on its tourism industry and is increasingly looking to foreign tourism. What might also be interesting, I think, is how symbols of "the foreign" are themselves represented in architecture of Vegas hotels.

Looks like their local industry is at least saying they're doing something about it. I'd like to see what that looks like.

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Kristina said...

While I was flying back to the US from Europe, I actually read an article on Lufthansa about Las Vegas. The article was portraying Las Vegas as a great place for adults to visit, claiming that it was sort of a “Disney World for Adults.” The article described the casinos as very luxurious and I remember it saying that a tourist can visit Venice, Paris, New York (among other places) all in one day and save money and time by not having to fly anywhere. I thought that this was very interesting and it made me laugh…imagine visiting the Venetian in Las Vegas instead of actually going to Venice? Additionally, the article described how Las Vegas is the best holiday destination for adults by claiming that there is no such thing as a “bad meal in Vegas” because tourists can find all types of cuisines to satisfy their taste and style. I thought that the article was quite persuasive in its portrayal of Las Vegas as an international fairground for adults.