Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Facebook Revolution

The following article details the use of Facebook as a means to criticize (and bring down) the Egyptian government.

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Yana said...

So what's funny is that I only just submitted my response paper, where I talked about the role of Facebook as a social organizing tool, and I argued that it's a fairly arbitrary one, where people can easily sign up for groups/events/causes but not really affect any meaningful change. But I guess that in this case, that argument does not hold true at all. Maybe it would be important to consider who the organizers actually are, their context, and what change actually means to them personally? What's really at stake for you when you join a Facebook group? For a lot of us, I doubt it's really all that much except for a feeling or even obligation of enacting needed social justice. But for others, it may mean a lot more.
Kind of wish I'd read the blog before I submitted my response paper...