Thursday, October 16, 2008

Interesting tidbit


Russians Not Following U.S. Elections
Almost two-thirds of Russians are not following the presidential election campaigning in the United States, Interfax reports, citing a national survey conducted by the Levada Center. Only 6 percent of Russians are following the elections closely.
Of the Russians who have taken an interest in the elections, 35 percent want to see Barack Obama win. Fourteen percent support John McCain, and an equal number cannot decide. Thirty-seven percent say they have no preference.

The survey was conducted October 10-14. The U.S. presidential elections take place November 4.

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Yana said...

Oh and by the way I looked through some of the Levada Center polls and most were done on about 1600-2200 people, if that's any indication on how many people were probably polled. So...maybe not that legitimate enough of a sample to come to such a conclusion, but interesting anyway.