Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama's Victory

Obama's Victory

When I read his book 5 months ago, I knew that Obama was different. People talk about Obama with their hope and their belief. For the first time, I see something in their eyes when they talk about Obama. As an outsider, I came to a middle ground by not to look at his policy but by listening to what he said, to understand who he is and to watch his steps. Most Vietnamese are skeptical about the election results. Some do not believe in someone who has such charisma. Some do not believe in a former soldier who will try everything to bring down one of the 3 socialist countries in the world. Some said they like a lawyer. Some doubt ...

Personally, as with other students in AU, I believe that Obama will bring change to this nation. America is waiting for so long for such a president. As it is said by his opponent, are you ready for an inexperienced to lead? When white votes for black, I believe they are ready. Politics is dirty, basically speaking. For a person to go that far, change is what lies ahead.

This is a belief I hardly to explain in words, I just know it as people always say: change and hope is what they believe in the new President of the United States.

Discussing about US Foreign Policies with Vietnam?

Obama is a lawyer on human rights which might be an obstacle for the relation between Vietnam and US. In addition to that, he might not support free trade, increase protectionism ... However, many Vietnamese are still very optimistic about relation between two countries in the coming future. In Obama's administration, there are many experts on Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific and Vietnam. Not to mention that there is a rumor that the new Foreign Minister is John Kerry, a former soldier in Vietnam who actively supports the improvement of the relationship between the two countries.
Comment on Obama's internet campaign:

I was surprised by the article discussing the campaign of Obama by Ogilvy agency. As a former employer of Ogilvy Agency, I was shocked by what they discussed that honestly about their strategy to PR Obama in public, not to mention that he is going to be the new president in January. Personally, I think it is a mistake. Professionally, it's a good PR for Ogilvy.


nkakovitch said...

The election of Obama was truly an exciting moment for many Americans as well as for international audiences. Obama has gained this image of being almost super human; a man that will change the world. While the excitement of the election with slowly fade and the reality of the challenges that Obama, our country and the world face will come to be a great challenge. Not to sound cynical but I don't think there is any way for Obama to live up to all of the expectations that the world has thrust upon him. He will be a truly global leader but with so many challenges it will be a tough job. Obviously it will be based largely on the political leanings of certain media but itt will be interesting to see how the media will report on Obama during his administration. Will they be overly critical if he does not meet up to expectations or will they be largely supportive?

Huong said...

Your question is exactly what I am thinking of after only 1 week of the election. We have many things ahead to discuss, I guess.