Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What do we talk about now that the election is over?

It's interesting to think - with every last inch of the long election season being analyzed and overanalyzed to death in the media, what will the media do now that they have lost their favorite topic? I know I for one am ready to be done with on-the-dot reports on what the voters think about this candidate's word choice or that candidate's connection from years past or I dunno, what color pantsuit Hillary is wearing. Even today, going through news shows on tv and reading various newspapers and blogs online, besides talking about how happy the whole world is about our wonderful new president-elect, one of the most popular topics has already become that key question: what do we talk about now? There is of course the talk about how many problems Obama will face in office, and whether or not he can really do it. Cabinet picks will probably be a big deal, like today's pick of Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff. Now and then we'll probably get an update or two about how Palin is doing, especially when Bristol gives birth. We'll probably hear what every other human being thinks of the upcoming president - today I've already heard from Oprah, Jesse Jackson, Maya Angelou, and Madonna, and I'm sure many more are coming. Some of those will probably last a good day or so worth of discussion, such as the undying talk about Jesse Jackson's tears last night at Obama's victory speech in Chicago. If we're lucky, maybe some juicy secrets will spill out of what went on in the McCain campaign, though that seems unlikely. Joe the Plumber might realize his 15 minutes are truly over and could try to cash in before we forget him forever. And of course, I know I will look forward to hearing about plans for the inauguration party - after all, is any pre-inauguration question as important as that of who is going to design Michelle Obama's dress?

Personally, there is one topic I really look forward to hearing about for the next two and half months, which my favorite blog, Jezebel, exemplifies in this article's title: First Things First: What Kind of Dog Should the First Puppy Be? It's really a whole new world when we're discussing poodles and schnoodles* rather than vague political connections and the cost of campaign wardrobes, and I am grateful for that.

Any other presidential topics people are interested in hearing about now that the election is over?

* Real dog breed, seriously. Look at the article.

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Jessica said...

Personally, I'm just stoked to hear about the new cabinet he's putting together over the next two months. Thanks to the incredibly in-depth political coverage I've picked up in Washington over the past few years, I'm familiar with a lot of Democratic leaders now. It'll be really interesting to see who gets tapped to be in this highly anticipated cabinet.... especially with the new Secretary of State. And the Homeland Security Secretary too, since that was an agency created under the Bush Administration. So I guess we'll see! :)